Trying 20's

How rapidly the times shift, how expectations crumble, disappointments set in. Our story is a journey, the trying 20's my current chapter- the moments of confusion surface, feeling lost without a home base at times. These moments are tricky- these years and these milestones- yet they are also profound. They are undeniably raw with a core juicy + intimate, oozing truth and confusion. These are the years of suffering for creation of self, of digging below the surface.  They are rich, they are deep, they are alive and they are burning with the desire for evolution of self. We are passion seekers, manifest-ers of our destiny, hopeful romantics for the unknown, lusting for the intoxication of the future, of what will become. Theses years are unquestionably volcanic, erupting when we've not yet accepted our own realities. These are the years of loneliness in and out of relationships, of departures and arrivals, of comings and goings. We are endlessly creating ourselves and it is profoundly significant in the 20's. We are lost people seeking depth and craving that intimacy not yet felt. The 20's are alive, pulsing with a romantic breath of wonder, curiosity, awakening and unraveling of our one core intention: to become. 

This is the I AM stage.  

The 20's are vast within our boundaries and take us beyond our personal strength.

They are courageous. 

The 20's invent, then re-invent. Here is my honest question for us: what if we started to slow down on our re-inventing + our striving to 'figure it all out' and take time to choose wisely HOW we invent ourselves? What if moved to a space of what feels good now and in the long run? What if we lived in a state of radical mindfulness with the awareness but not domination of choice + consequence? These choices we make now, in this decade, it all becomes so real, so magnificent, so palpable in our future chapters. These choices determine so much of our path, our profound and realistic journeys. We are not immune to these decisions in this chapter yet we still feel a small current of invincibility. Let's start to focus on being the observer, let's view the storyline as a whole, let's witness the pattern of how the domino falls and how this can effect our existence. Let's allow our intuition to speak, our gut to feel and move through this time on a visceral level. Let's burn through this chapter with conviction. Let's light this world on fire with the sweet and profound intention to self discover. There are many chapters to come, keep inventing your story; who do you want to be now + how do you want to transform in this one wild and precious life? It's time to set this world ablaze.