End Goal

"There is more to life than increasing its speed."- Gandi

We breathe in the life force, the energy, the wholeness. We breathe in and we find stillness. We breathe in and feel the perfect moment, it is so smooth, so complex and so full. We let the joy shower over us, through us, within us and we radiate gratitude. We are here. We are now. We are alive.

The roses are so sweet, life is so tender, so gentle, so precious. There is more than rushing to the finish line. At times there is a hurried pace, a choppy movement, an anxious yearning. Be still. Be alive within the journey, be free within the discovery. Find that the process is more rich and filled with feeling than the outcome. You are taking the real + beautiful steps to accomplish, the moments of simplicity make up your end goal. For two seconds, you get two little seconds of that end goal, and when it arrives your hope and happiness hinge on that feeling you've come to expect as the concrete solution to happiness. Slowing down causes us to be present with our lives and it allows for a rich and meaningful existence. Slowing down means to find our true center and to live in peace. To slow the pace there has to be a linger, a stroll, a flow, a groove. There has to be breath and there has to be gratitude. Let the sweet roses fill you with life force, with energy, with wholeness. Breathe in and be still. Breathe in and feel the perfect moment, complex and full. Let the joy shower over you, through you, within you and you will radiate gratitude. Be here. Be now. Be alive. Feel all the tiny moments that bring you to that end goal and I promise you, you will find peace + joy within the journey.