Be curious + express yo' self!

Why is it as we grow older we become less and less inquisitive about the world around us, about the human beings inhabiting this earth, and about our own curiosities?

Think back to when you were young or perhaps think of your children (if you are a mum), and imagine a conversation with them. Imagine their curiosity, exploration, and their lack of inhibition when asking you questions. Think of the “why” stage -- the pondering and the wondering about every little molecule and moment. Children never think twice about asking questions like:

“Mum, why aren’t there more dinosaurs?”

“Why do people get sick?”

“Why do you sometimes cry when you are happy?”

“Why don’t I have a tail?”

“Come on dad, why are the cookies taking so long to load?” (<< The cookies were baking.)

At some point along our journey we begin to feel stupid or dumb if we ask too many questions or if we do not have all the answers. Our personal expression halts and we lose our freedom of curiosity. There have been many moments when I have flat out said, “I don’t know who that is/ where that is/ what you are talking about, please explain.” You will find that some people may make you feel inferior because you are not a wizard like they seem to think they are with their wealth of knowledge, but usually they say, “let me tell you!” Asking questions is dynamic. Inquiry is sexy. Curiosity is crucial for growth, and exploration is LIBERATING. You have the freedom to shed the image of “knowing it all” and start asking. It is crucial for us to come down from ego and realize we don’t have all the answers. Our ego plays such a huge role in how we express ourselves as adults. Carefully, logically, “perfectly”. As children we came into the present moment of wonder. We were sloppy in our thoughts, messy in our questions and haphazard in our knowledge but we were buzzing with exploration. We were free. You are the only one who can give yourself permission to experience your curiosities, emotions, and feelings. Identify what you are curious about and express yourself in simple but significant ways.

Questioning is a form of expression, creative learning, and exploration. Curiosity is the freedom to ask the questions we tend to shy away from as we “grow up”. Ponder. Think. Wonder. Ask. Learn.

The most interesting of human beings are consistently curious about the “what else?” and about the “why?" They contemplate, consider, examine, and they also INSPIRE. These inquisitive people feel free to explore their own innermost curiosities without fear of rejection or appearing a certain way to others. They navigate through the world with an open mind: learning and exploring.

I want you to think of three elements in life you are curious about, and I want you to find the freedom to explore these elements. You will need to give yourself permission to experience this curiosity and express yo’ self, baby! You only have one wild + daring adventure ahead of you in this lifetime. Start to groove through your explorations, questions, and most importantly, be free in your radical self expression. From one curious bird to another, let’s explore, Z Birdies!