Seek a life pulsing with independence, free from inhibitions, stripped of doubts, and cleansed of fears. Glow with the energy of curiosity and the adventure of the unknown.

Freedom is a state of being -- a time of being suspended in the present moment, liberated of doubts, and free from regrets. Freedom comes from feeling fueled by what YOU want to do in this precise moment. YOU choose. YOU decide. YOU thrive. Freedom is a profound feeling of our own liberation, expression, and autonomy. This month’s theme is focused on finding and cultivating our personal freedoms.

We inhabit a society filled with wonderful opportunities, choices, and options. We may not always feel able to shift our lives to live freely or independently, but I am going to help you implement tiny shifts to transform your life into a more liberated state. This month, you chose one part of your day to experience more freely.

Choices and decisions can be scary -- they pulse with doubt and they hold the unknown.

Just over one month ago I was presented with a choice. I have been a full-time Spanish teacher for just over three years, and I was asked to re-sign my teaching contract for the upcoming school year. As much as I love and dig the heck out of helping people (in this case my spunky middle school & high school students), my heart just wasn’t connecting to teaching the grammar of Spanish. I was more concerned with the emotional and social well being of my students than if they knew how to conjugate the verb “to run” in Spanish. I cared more about if they treated one another with respect, felt empathy, were inspired, and if they felt good about themselves on a deep level of radical self-love. I knew my decision was made. I could not continue my journey of being a Spanish teacher, and I had to teach something different. I had to teach love, compassion, acceptance, empathy, value, meaning, and purpose. I had to educate in a different format, and I knew I was going to be jumping into the unknown, out of my comfort zone, and into a new adventure.

I was scared. I am scared, but I am also free. I am working through the fear of the unknown to live freely through my heart space. I am voyaging through the choppy waters of transition because I am curious to experience the feeling of my heart beating faster. I am embarking on an adventure of following my soul on a visceral level. I am not following the programmed path, and I am free. I am free to discover, explore, and expand. I am free and I am curious.

We are human beings inquiring about the physical world and what fuels us. We are discovering ourselves, and we are unraveling layers of radical self-fulfillment and purpose.

Freedom doesn’t always come without fear, but it’s the only piece that really allows us the time and space to discover ourselves in a deeply profound and intimate level.

How will you allow just one molecule more of freedom in your life today?