Be Present

You're having a long week, a challenging year, a stressful chapter of life. You tell a confidant your apprehensions about what is to come and you hear this: "don't worry." Yes!... this is exactly what I needed to hear since I didn't know to not worry... cool, no biggie, will just turn that worry machine OFF. I wish it were that easy. I wish being present and mindful just happened with hearing the statement of the profound advice, 'don't worry.' Whew, wouldn't these anxieties just melt right off if we had a button to press that said, STAY PRESENT. YOU ARE OKAY. YOU ARE HERE. DO NOT WORRY. BREATHE. Well my dear, that button doesn't exist but fortunately there are ways for you to find that peace of mind, BIG MEANINGFUL WAYS. I admit, I have a monkey mind, I always have and I believe I always will. Probably was even an infant out of the womb saying, 'what about this... or this? Whoa... that could happen, or this!' I jump from one idea to the next creating this giant web of 'what if's' and at times those 'what if's' aren't always the fun ones.... examples of fun what if's >>> , what if I win the lotto and buy a house in the South of France and travel throughout Europe... or what if I meet the man of my dreams at a groovy coffee shop and he just straight up says, 'hey darlin' let me take you out.' No, at times my what if's spiral into the negative and those are hard to combat. {Notice I said hard to combat not IMPOSSIBLE.}

I have personally found three ways to help create that safe space of fulfillment and joy in this one wildly + alive moment. 

1. Breathe. Again, another one of those standard quotes of advice 'just breathe'. But let me ask you this: how about taking 5 of those really deep, cannot gasp another ounce of air, lungs are so full you feel like you will combust, brain expands, toes are filled with air, gimmie all your oxygen, inhale * inhale * sip in just an ounce more anddddd EXHALE. Try waking up to your morning with five of those babies. Heck, try this any time, any where, at any moment. Try breathing (and remember, DEEP breathing) in the midst of that monkey mind chaos, STOP. PAUSE. and BREATHE. <deep>.

2. Yoga. (or any type of movement that flows and gets your body grooving, dance is another at the top of my list) Get outside (or inside) and start to move your body, your one glorious and working body. Allow your mind s p a c e by giving your body something to physically do. I discovered yoga just over two years ago after seeing a psychic who told me I need moving meditation. She was riiiiiiight. For the first 3 weeks I had no idea what this whole yoga craze was about Bliss. Love. Relief. Weight Lifted. Happiness. Give it a month and go 4 times a week if you can. Let yourself settle into the groove, into the movements, into the flow. Let your body + mind mesh and allow them to become one. Your focus will become the asana (physical) practice and your mind will have time to quiet, to rest, to just be. Silent. Still. Peace. 

3. Radical Observation. Start today by observing something simple in your routine. Let's take your morning coffee. Explore the process of how you make your coffee. What are your senses sharing with you. How does it smell? (I'll just go ahead and answer that one for you, damn good. #coffeelover) How is the taste? The texture? The temperature? How does it swirl when it hits the cup? Start to radically observe your day and your moments. Use your five senses. When you are shift your conscious state to mindful observation you become radically present. 

I get it. I feel you. I understand. Life isn't always peachy, I know first hand but life is always now, it is here, it has a heartbeat. In life we have choices: we can choose to travel through anxiously with our monkey minds worried about what is to come or we can use our tool box toI pull out exactly the tool we need to allow us more radical presence. In a society where 'busy' is worn as a badge of honor, let's pause, breathe, move + observe. Let's start to come down from our anxieties and settle in to this incredibly rich, dynamic and meaningful moment we have. Let's begin to live through wonder and through grace, flowing with what comes our way, keeping what serves us and letting go of what no longer does. Let's find presence with our lives. Let's start now.