Freedom within Relationships

Ah... freedom within relationships! It can be tough. We all have relationships -- interpersonal relationships as a mother/daughter, romantic relationships, best friends, yoga buddies & co workers -- you name it.  We are invested in our relationships, and sometimes our boundaries are lacking. Relationships can be tricky in the department of freedom, and they come with a fine line of growing together while growing independently.

How do we create personal freedom within our relationships? We find it by setting healthy boundaries and by continuing to explore our personal curiosities. We cultivate this by realizing that for many years our partner was immersed in their personal life before you came along and they had individual interests. We explore this by letting our partner continue this growth without feeling personally attacked if they want to do something solo. Freedom within relationships is not only desired, but it is necessary for long term happiness.

This is not to say that you should never come together with your partners, but it simply means

  • keep your hobbies

  • cultivate your interests

  • fuel your desires

  • continue to develop YOUR personal expression

There are many ways to incorporate personal growth within a relationship. Maybe you are married or living with your partner. Decide on one night per week (more or less, it all depends on you) to pursue your individual hobbies, separately. It doesn’t have to be for long but make sure you take your individual time to connect within your own heartbeat. Once you accept and celebrate that your partner is a unique and dynamic individual, you are able to understand the significance of freedom. Let yourself delve into your personal expression of self, and your relationship will grow. This, Zen Birdies, I know.