Choices = Freedom

Flowing through life is easier said than done. We want to clutch the illusion of control. We yearn for any answer or path to help us guide our way through the trenches of decisions and choices. They loom over us, causing anxiety, stress, tension, and doubt. Choices. Options. Decisions. FREEDOM.

The reality is, when we feel overwhelmed or plagued with indecision or fear, there is a process of stepping backward and observing the situation from a new lens -- a foreign perspective.

When we start to see decisions causing us anxiety as our beautiful and privileged freedoms, we shift. We begin to see the world with a grateful heart and a steady soul. Our melodies are clear, and our journey begins to flow. We let go of the clutching of fear, the paralysis of anxiety, the worries of “what ifs,” and we begin our gentle process of unfolding our story. We have choices -- freedom of choice over our thoughts, our actions, our decisions, our religions, our careers… an incredible amount of options! We also have the choice to cherish our freedoms or let fear rule our lives.

Let’s allow our perspectives to shift into gratitude of freedom, celebration of choice, and love of expression. Let’s rejoice in knowing that we are the voyagers of our destiny, and we will only ever know what this life brought us.

There is no other path we will take but our own. Live freely in the peace that YOU CHOSE your life. Live knowing you didn’t let life happen to you, but rather you happened to life.