Radical Presence

The incredible ups and downs of life and constant changing of the seasons. Fall burrowing into winter, winter thawing to spring, spring blossoming to summer, and time evolving both rapidly and profoundly. With these cycles come new adventures and unique challenges.

The ups are euphoric -- they ignite my soul and I dance with the melody of joy. I float through the minutes as my heart sings and I laugh easily. The positive energy floods my veins and I am free. The music lingers and I collapse into bliss. Joy is an all encompassing feeling of wholeness. It electrifies my body, my soul, and my spirit. I am alive. Joy -- It too, shall pass.

The downs are torturous, as they trap my light and the darkness falls. I numbly work through the transitions, my heart solemn and my spirit frail. The negative energy drapes over body and I am feeling low. The melody stops and silence lingers. Sadness is a raw feeling of emptiness. Sadness -- it too, shall pass.

The magnificent ups and downs of life are the only known we have about our future. All the planning, preparing, and projecting won’t prepare us for these. They will take our breath away and try to destroy us at times. Joy and sadness coexist in our world to share the magnificent cycle of life with each and every one of us. They are inevitable, and we are here to learn the beauty of rich emotion in extreme ways.

When joy comes knocking on your door, please greet her with a light heart. Invite her in for a cup of tea, for she may be just passing through for a fleeting moment. Find radical presence in her arrival.

When sadness slivers upon your floor, please greet her with a vulnerable heart. Invite her to show you the depths of your soul, and sit with her for a minute. Take in all she has to offer you, and allow her to guide you down to what really matters. Allow her to teach you how truly fragile life is and how to cherish what you hold dear. Find radical presence in her arrival and know she too, will just be passing through.

Yes, the incredible ups and downs of life are the known of our futures. The seasons will change and feelings will shift. The cycle will bring forth what is necessary for you, in that moment, at that time, and in that place. Be radically present for your life’s unfolding, finding steady hope in your despair and profound gratitude in your joy, for you never know what could be waiting for you right around the next corner...

End Goal

"There is more to life than increasing its speed."- Gandi

We breathe in the life force, the energy, the wholeness. We breathe in and we find stillness. We breathe in and feel the perfect moment, it is so smooth, so complex and so full. We let the joy shower over us, through us, within us and we radiate gratitude. We are here. We are now. We are alive.

The roses are so sweet, life is so tender, so gentle, so precious. There is more than rushing to the finish line. At times there is a hurried pace, a choppy movement, an anxious yearning. Be still. Be alive within the journey, be free within the discovery. Find that the process is more rich and filled with feeling than the outcome. You are taking the real + beautiful steps to accomplish, the moments of simplicity make up your end goal. For two seconds, you get two little seconds of that end goal, and when it arrives your hope and happiness hinge on that feeling you've come to expect as the concrete solution to happiness. Slowing down causes us to be present with our lives and it allows for a rich and meaningful existence. Slowing down means to find our true center and to live in peace. To slow the pace there has to be a linger, a stroll, a flow, a groove. There has to be breath and there has to be gratitude. Let the sweet roses fill you with life force, with energy, with wholeness. Breathe in and be still. Breathe in and feel the perfect moment, complex and full. Let the joy shower over you, through you, within you and you will radiate gratitude. Be here. Be now. Be alive. Feel all the tiny moments that bring you to that end goal and I promise you, you will find peace + joy within the journey.