I choose to find the silver lining

Zen Bird monthly mantra: I am a positive being. I choose to find a slice of silver lining in every situation.

Life has an interesting way of bringing us pain, suffering, or despair. It arrives on our doorstep with no explanation, rushing in without reason or warning. It happens overnight, in a split second, in the blink of an eye. Tragic events rupture our spirits, souls are smothered, and our hope is suffocated. We search for reasons, and may never quite understand why our hearts were dealt the hand of such profound suffering.

I wish we could have the guide book, and the ‘how to's and ‘why’s’ all answered, but many times we are left to our own thoughts, reactions, and emotions. We are left to handle the sadness, the anxiety, the despair, and the misery. I know it is difficult in the moment to see past the darkness flooding in, the suffocation of pain, and the paralysis of anxiety. It is hard to think anything at times, let alone think something positive. I understand that, but I also understand the power of one single, tiny, itty bitty thought of hope, one glimmer of courage, or one fleeting second of strength. Our thoughts are powerful and, with them, our reality is transformed.

This month I want you to try to find one glimpse of a silver lining in any challenging situation you are facing. Find one sliver of hope in the depths of your suffering. Explore one molecule of gratitude in the frustrations of your daily life. Seek the light within the darkness and remind yourself: your thoughts are powerful, so work towards keeping the good ones.